Food Diary Done


Sunday was a late start again so breakfast became brunch, I stuck to my diet and even truned down a trip to the pub, but then had a sneaky slice of Mr F4Ts garlic bread!

Brunch – Tomato’s and cheese on toast

Tea – Quorn chilli with sweet potato wedges and roasted sweet pepper

Snack – Cheesy garlic bread.

All in all I’m not sure the food diary has helped or hindered me, the days I was naughty I did feel slightly guiltier than normal when I was typing the post but I don’t think the blog alone would have changed my mind set. I have to accept I’m always going to be a cheater, but if I can control my ‘cheat days’ and making them ‘reward days’ that has got to be better than cheating a little every day. My new focus is Christmas (yes I said that word in November) it’s also Mr F4Ts birthday the week before so I’m not set on sticking to the diet and fitness regime to let myself take it easier but not give up over Christmas. I wish i could say no alcohol until Christmas but we all know that wont happen! Maybe no beer until Christmas only Red wine and not whole bottles in one go 😉



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